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The cost for medical procedures can vary as much as 90%

This makes it critical to shop around and compare providers. Join us in fixing healthcare by submitting your medical bills through the glassFROGG app, so everyone can find affordable healthcare.


Created to make healthcare more affordable

Knowing what providers have charged in the past, and having the ability to compare those prices, is the key to changing the abusive billing practices in healthcare.

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Together we can drive healthcare costs down

It's time to end the abusive billing practices of the healthcare industry by sharing the information providers have refused to make public. The glassFROGG app allows you to upload a picture of your medical bill, rate your providers, and share comments about your experience.


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  • SHARE your medical bills

    Affordable healthcare begins with access to good data that clearly shows what healthcare providers are charging. Simply upload photos of your recent medical bills, answer a few quick questions, and submit!

    Let other users know your experience with a healthcare provider, facility, or specific procedure. Share details about quality of care, overall cost, and more, to help other users find healthcare information in their area.

  • SEARCH for affordable providers

    Search our database to find healthcare providers who charge reasonable and fair prices, sometimes up to 90% cheaper than some facilities. Compare prices, view ratings, and read reviews.

  • SAVE money on healthcare

    Many providers are charging outrageous amounts for medical care and do not want consumers to know that affordable healthcare is available to everyone. For example, many facilities will charge more than $3,000 for an MRI knowing that consumers could receive the same test somewhere else for as little as $250.


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