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Data driven solutions to reduce your medical bills up to 90%

Did you know that medical costs fluctuate wildly from one provider to another?

We use technology to connect you with affordable prices for “shoppable” medical procedures including surgeries, imaging, maternity and so much more!

Connecting with affordable providers
has never been easier

The future of affordable medical bills for EVERYONE


Don't have health insurance?
We can help!

We make it possible for cash paying customers to find affordable medical care, even without a health plan. Like we always say, "Don't pay more for health insurance, just pay less for medical care."


Have a health share plan?
We can help!

Most health share plans incentivize members to find affordable prices, and most indemnity plans offer a fixed dollar benefit. These non-traditional programs work better when members can find affordable prices.


Have a high deductible health plan? We can help!

Cash prices in glassFROGG can be considerably lower than your health plan's contracted rates. Don't pay more to meet your high deductible when cheaper prices are available with glassFROGG!


Don't Overpay for

Useful data is the future of affordable medical care. We built the largest "cash pay" marketplace of high quality providers to reduce your medical costs up to 90%.

glassFROGG Plan Details



per month, USD

Who it covers

Includes spouse and all children under age 27

Search & Save Data Tool

Unlimited access to Provider data
& Concierge support


24/7 Access to doctors for $0 copay

Prescription Drug Tool

RxPlus & RxInternational to pay as little as $99/month for expensive medications

Dental Savings

Access growing network of affordable cash pay prices

Vision Savings

VSP Choice Network to save on exams & hardware

Healthshare Pairing

Exclusive discounted pricing
  • “Thanks to glassFROGG we were able to dump our expensive insurance and find affordable coverage with Zion Health and Telemed... We'll be customers for life!”
    glassFROGG Customer
  • “The information and resources found here allow everyone to get informed and make cost-effective decisions while ensuring top quality care! ... Everyone deserves to have this information when making potentially life-changing decisions.”
    glassFROGG Customer
  • “A super awesome way to provide/receive information about healthcare services and their prices. It’s great to have such accessibility to more affordable care and have it be reliable.”
    glassFROGG Customer

Far better than buying expensive insurance!

glassFROGG offers amazing tools to save you thousands on medical costs, including:

Search & Save

Get help with our Concierge service to find the best prices for hundreds of “shoppable” medical procedures including surgery, imaging, maternity and more!

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Connect with primary care services over the phone for $0 copay.

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Prescription Savings

Find the best price for thousands of generic medications at local and online pharmacies.

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Dental & Vision

Find the best cash price for routine dental care as you help us expand our verified dental prices. Plus, ave up to 70% on exams and hardware through the VSP Vision network.

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You can start saving immediately!

Save up to 90% on medical bills by comparing providers.

These are ACTUAL prices from different providers!

  • Image
  • Image
  • Image

Behold, the Power of Data!

When you can compare prices, you can reduce the cost of medical care up to 90%. Our exclusive pricing tool connects you with affordable solutions for hundreds of 'shoppable' procedures including IMAGING, SURGERIES, MATERNITY, LABS, and much more!

Save THOUSANDS on medical costs instead of using expensive medical insurance.



Connect with primary care services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and every day of the year over the phone or through video chat with Well Via. Includes access for the entire family and with $0 co-pay

Most visits covered over the phone

70% of Primary Care doctor visits and 40% of Urgent Care visits can be handled over the phone. You can save on out-of-pocket expenses by using telemedicine.

Use Telemed for Common Conditions

Such as asthma, cold and flu, headaches, strep throat, allergic reactions, diabetes, high blood pressure, prescription drug refills and much more!

Save THOUSANDS on medical costs instead of using expensive medical insurance.

Prescription Savings & Exclusive Deals

The cost of medications can vary tremendously from one pharmacy to another. Connect with powerful tools to find the best price at local pharmacies or through online direct pharmacies.

Price differences can be shocking!

Cymbalta - as low as $10.73 and as high as $249
Progesterone - as low as $45.05 and as high as $660
Crestor - as low as $11.96 and as high as $533
Finasteride - as low as $7.85 and as high as $85

Save THOUSANDS on medical costs instead of using expensive medical insurance.


Dental & Vision Discounts

When you register with glassFROGG, you also get connected to the largest cash pay Dental network in the country! These powerful benefits connect you with thousands of participating dentists and eye doctors and reduce their costs up to 70%

  • Save big on preventive, basic, major, and ortho services
  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles
  • No annual or lifetime limits
  • Vision
  • Reduced fees for eye exams
  • Discounts on Lenses
  • Discounts on Frames