Frequently Asked Questions

What is glassFROGG?

glassFROGG is a small company with a big vision: make healthcare affordable for everyone. Americans should not be overwhelmed or confused by the cost of medical care. That’s why we are on a mission to make healthcare more affordable across the United States.

glassFROGG is the tool Americans can use to share the real costs they were charged for real procedures. Armed with this information, glassFROGG users can make more informed healthcare decisions.

What makes glassFROGG data different?

glassFROGG is the only independent healthcare cost source available that bases its information from real users uploading their actual medical bills and EOBs. The prices and reviews you find on glassFROGG are completely unbiased and unaffiliated with any hospitals or health systems. This information is uploaded by Americans just like you.

How can I use glassFROGG?

The glassFROGG tools are available on our website from any device, including smartphones like iPhone and Android. Simply login or create an account, and you can start uploading medical bills and searching for affordable healthcare in your area.

What is a glass frog?

The glass frog is a small, translucent-skinned frog found in Central and South America. It is called a glass frog because it's skin is see-through, exposing its heart and other organs while camouflaging it from predators. At glassFROGG, we bring that same element of transparency to healthcare costs. Just as a group of frogs is called an army, glassFROGG arms users with tools to make healthcare more affordable.

Does glassFROGG store copies of my medical bills?

glassFROGG stores the submitted bills for cost, date, and procedure data, and to validate that the data is authentic. All images are encrypted before being stored, and personal and identifiable information is never shared with anyone. If you’d like extra peace of mind, you can physically cover or black out the name and address on the bill before submitting it.

Sample medical bill
What are my bills being used for?

When you upload your medical bills or EOBs, you are allowing other glassFROGG users to see the true costs of healthcare. Users do not see your name or contact information, they only see the procedure you received, as well as any costs associated with it. This keeps your information confidential.

What info are you extracting from my bills?

We extract the following information, if available:

  • - The full cost for a procedure as well as contributing costs
  • - The date(s) healthcare was provided
  • - The location/provider of the procedure

Can I upload my medical bills if I am uninsured or on Medicare/Medicaid?

Yes, you can. The most beneficial and informative data comes from direct bills. However, glassFROGG welcomes all medical bills and insurance claims. You can upload your medical bills, explanation of benefits (EOB), or any other documents detailing the price of your medical procedure.

How do I know my personal medical information is safe?

glassFROGG does not share your name, contact information, or other personal details. The only information we extract from your uploaded bill is the name of the procedure, its price, and the facility at which it was performed. All other data provided is only shared in an anonymous, non-identifying manner using your public display name. For more information, view the glassFROGG Privacy Policy.

What information do other glassFROGG users see from my medical bills?

Other users only see the cost, date, and procedure available for search. They can also see your public display name. No images of medical bills are shared.

Below is an example bill and how a bill is displayed:

Sample submission view